15th March 2019

This week we have been busy writing our recounts from our fun school trip to Crocodiles of the World. See some examples below. If you would like to have a look at our writing, please let Miss Hutt know and she will show your our books. We have also been exploring how to find quarters […]

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8th March 2019

  We have been kept very busy over the last couple of weeks with lots going on including our trip to Crocodiles of the world, world book day and lots of science investigations… Our trip to Crocodiles of the World did not disappoint. We arrived to see the Nile Alligators being fed by the zoo […]

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8th February 2019

Star of the week: Megan Harford This week we have been working very hard writing the ‘missing’ Clever Trick Number 5 which Roald Dahl never published in his book ‘The Enormous Crocodile’. We have been very creative, with our crocodiles being disguised as slides, benches, footballs, grass and even a washing line! If you would like […]

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18th January 2019

A big well done this week to all the children for working hard to try and make it into the class values book! This is a book in class to promote the school values. Our focus this week was kindness. Star of the week: Daphne Melidis The children have also been working hard to learn […]

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12th January 2019

Welcome back to Term 3! We have a busy one planned so hold on to your hats! The children have returned rejuvenated and ready to learn. We have already seen many kind and responsible actions within and outside the classroom meaning that Miss Hutt’s ‘Star of the Day’ has been given to Arthur, Reuben and […]

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16th November 2018

This week, the we have been exploring our maths area. We have been busy completing the maths challenges and some children have even become ‘reasoning and problem solving experts’. We have began our Fire of London dances. We have explored the twisty narrow streets of London and became Thomas Fariner in his bakery. Keep an […]

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2nd November 2018

This week we had a visit from the Firemen to start our new topic – Thr Great Fire of London. We got to hold special equipment and sit inside the truck. After, we were given a fire safety talk. We learned about their special suits and what to do in case of an emergency.

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5th October 2018

Wow! What a busy week we have had! We celebrated no pens Wednesday in style. We had to find different ways of learning without using a pen (even the adults!) We started off making a movable Eliot Midnight Superhero poster. We will be finishing these off next week. Our maths lesson was practical and we […]

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28.9.18 – What a busy week!

We started off this week visiting the Church to celebrate the harvest festival. We saw all the beautiful decorations near the altar in the church, heard wonderful stories about how people from all over the world celebrate harvest and we sang a song. This is our third week at forest school and Nicky was very […]

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7th September 2018

Wow! What a fun first week back to school we have had. Today we celebrated the start of our ‘heroes’ topic by taking part in superhero day. We made our very own supertato, designed and constructed vehicles for action figures and even attended super hero school training this afternoon. We had such a great day!

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