5th October 2018

Wow! What a busy week we have had!

We celebrated no pens Wednesday in style. We had to find different ways of learning without using a pen (even the adults!) We started off making a movable Eliot Midnight Superhero poster. We will be finishing these off next week. Our maths lesson was practical and we used equipment to help us add numbers, it was really fun!

On Friday, we have our very popular class library open. All the children arrived excited and keen to change their books. Even when the grown ups had gone, we still read books together. It is such a fun way to spend our Friday mornings.



4 thoughts on “5th October 2018

  1. Can I just say how lovely it was to watch the children reading books together this morning? There was a real buzz in the class. As I looked around, my eyes got caught by the 2 children who sat quietly at the desk, completely undisturbed by the noise, and they were reading a book to each other. How wonderful! Thank you for letting us experience the lovely atmosphere in the class. We thoroughly enjoy our Friday library mornings.


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